Oct 2017 - Apr 2018 Secondary Program

THEME:  Transformers

All plenary sessions and electives include presentations, activities, discussions, and leadership games.

Sessions are updated every year so that students can attend numerous years if desired.



Doors Open




Plenary Session: Contributing Positive Change as a Team

Nothing is ever TRANSFORMED without CHANGE. Sometimes students suggest changes that are not suitable, too unrealistic, or not properly planned. During this session students will be taught a practical method for successfully introducing changes at their school, using a five step process based on the acronym CHANGE. As part of the session, students will be led through a discussion to gauge whether their fellow leaders have identified similar changes which could be introduced as part of the team's positive contribution.


Morning Tea


Morning Tea Optional Session: Our Favourite Fundraising Ideas

Many student leaders love to fundraise for school and charity projects, but most people agree that raffles and sausage sizzles can become repetitive! This short session will share many of the best ideas that the GRIP Leadership team have come across. These ideas will increase the fun and the funds raised when it comes to this aspect of student leadership.




Plenary Session: Transforming My Integrity

One of the most worthwhile aspects of leadership for a student to develop in their formative years is their own personal integrity. Without a high level of integrity, few leaders have any influence on others. This session will assist student leaders in transforming their integrity by understanding the importance of admitting mistakes, following through on promises, backing up words with actions, and always displaying values.


Electives #1 (choose 1) 

Option 1: Transforming My Capacity

Student leaders usually carry a heavy load. This often means that whilst being involved in many things, some leaders fall short of what they hoped to achieve in each area. This practical workshop will teach leaders strategies for increasing their capacity, making the leadership journey more enjoyable and more productive.

Option 2: Transforming Event Participation

Wouldn't it be great if large crowds of students automatically flocked to every event hosted by student leaders? Sometimes this happens, but this practical workshop will examine four reasons why this isn't usually the case. Following this, the session will explore four strategies proven to increase student participation.


Lunch Break




Electives #2 (choose 1)
Option 3: Transforming School Pride

How much pride do students currently show in your school? From time to time, all schools can do with a boost in this area. It's not something that can be transformed overnight, but student leaders are usually the best people to lead the charge. This workshop will equip student leaders with practical strategies for improving this aspect of any school.

Option 4: Transforming the Effectiveness of Our Team

Motivated leaders can end up frustrated if it feels like a leadership team is crawling along at a snail's pace. With lots of ideas and lots of potential, it is important that all student leadership teams are on a pathway to being highly effective. This workshop will explore practical ways for leadership teams to ensure that they start off effectively, and continue being successful as the journey continues..


Q&A with GRIP Leadership Team and Final Review



GRIP Leadership reserves the right to make changes to the program in order to make improvements to this conference.